Monday, July 28, 2014

No Meter System in Auto Rickshaws in Gurgaon, a Major Employment Hub of India

It is a known fact that Gurgaon has become one of the employment hubs today. A number of youngsters have relocated themselves in Gurgaon as they have acquired a good job there. Moreover, a number of individuals everyday visit from Delhi to Gurgaon. Till Delhi Metro has reached the Gurgaon, the rush of Delhiites has been increased.

These days, I am also looking for a new job. I have to visit Noida or Gurgaon daily for this purpose. I have visited several times to this wonderful city. It will be significant to mention that this city is not new for me. A number of my relatives live in Gurgaon and I have been going there to meet them since my childhood. But, in the childhood, I had never thought that someday I would go there in search of a job. In the past few years, a lot of growth has been witnessed in this city, and that’s why has generated the employments.

But, there is a little problem that I have seen. When we reach IFFCO Chowk or any other metro station of Gurgaon, we find a lot of auto rickshaws picking the people and taking to their destination in the city. The problem that I have seen is that none of them has meter unlike Delhi. So, the drivers are free to demand the charge as per their desire. In that case, the person who doesn’t know how far the place is, is unable to judge whether the driver is charging correct or double of the original fare. I had to hire auto rickshaws several times for reaching the interview venue on time. I personally felt that the venue was not so far as the driver has charged. But, I had no way to judge. Some friends will say that I can search on internet. But, it is not so easy to understand the route and the charges accordingly. I can easily know about how many kilometers the venue is, but this is not enough.

Is anyone listening? Will Haryana government ever start the meter system? Time will tell.

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