Monday, October 19, 2009

Another Face of Racism

About three days ago from writing this blog (October 17, 2009), a report published in The Times of India, Delhi edition, page 20 – “Official says no to black-white marriage in US”. According to the report, a white Louisiana justice of peace, Mr. Keith Bardwell refused to issue a marriage license to a black-white couple. Mr. Bardwell tried to defend himself by saying that he is not a racist, but he dosn’t believe in mixing of races in this way. According to him, these marriages are not long lasting. He stated that he has many black friends who come to his house, use his bathrooms, blah blah blah. He further stated that the children of such couple suffer.

Above is the view of a chief official of a so-called most developed nation in the waorld. The thing which is very much horrifying here is the way Mr. Bardwell tried to justify his views. But here the question which is still unanswered is that if there is any problem in whites and black in US, due to which the children of such couples are suffering, then why Mr. Bardwell is encouraging it? If Mr. Bardwell is so concerned about the problem of children born from black and white couple, then why instead of creating awareness, he is helping the racists indirectly. On the other hand, if a couple has decided to marry then it is its sole responsibility to take care of its children. It depends on person to person how he or she manages it. Why is Mr. Bardwell unnecessary interfering in the decision of a couple? Isn’t Mr. Bardwell making the couple suffer by refusing its marriage?

The logic given by Mr. Bardwell is totally indigestible. Instead of trying to understand the problem of those children about whom he is talking about and then solving them, Mr. Bardwell making it an all time problem. Stopping the interracist marriage is not the solution of anything, but it is just encouraging the problem. In some of the nations, women face problems if they go to school for education. Should those stop to go to school and taking education as they are facing the problem?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Convert Your Computer into Shopping Mall with Shopcorn

I am quite sure that those who are reading my blog, must be aware about the online shopping. It is the system, which has made the human life easy as compared to the past. Shopping is the hobby of many people. But, the problem that most of us busy people face is about 'time' constraint. Visiting shop to shop and choosing the right product is undoubtedly a time consuming task. I have seen many funny situations in this respect. 'Ladies spending a lot of hours in the shop of garments and their husbands getting irritated' can be seen very commonly. I think that online shopping will give a sort of relief to those husbands.


In case of online buying, you have the limit-less choices. You can view a number of products on the monitor of your laptop or desktop computer and can select as per your choices. You can do all this within a few minutes while sitting in your house. There are a plenty of websites which offer these services. But, there is something special in some of the portals. One such portal I visited recently, i.e., It is one of topmost online shopping sites of India. This website provides the commendable services, which are unavailable on other contemporary sites.


As you visit the site, you get a lot of options which ease your process of shopping. One of the most attractive features of this websites is 'deal box' in which you can select the products form various popular portals such as indiatimes, rediff etc. The most astonishing thing is that, you need not to visit those portals separately. You can see the goods from those sites on a single website which is none other than shopcorn.


Another option, which is supposed to be necessary in the online shopping sites, is price comparison. With the help of this, you can compare the price of the products at one place and take the fair decision about which product should be bought. Here, on the shopcorn, you have the option to select the products from different sites and compare their prices. It really enhances your choice of shopping.


Before buying a high-price product, many of us like to discuss about it with our friends and relatives in order to get the feedback about that product. It is quite obvious; each one of us wants to get the right product that meets our requirements. But, in the case of offline shopping, you can get the limited feedback. Moreover, if any of your loved ones hasn't used the product, then you have no choice at all, other than taking the risk. But, on the shopcorn, you can get the review about the product from the people from across the nation. The discussion forums of shopcorn allow you to discuss about the goods, take the feedback from the people and give them your feedback about the products you have used. Let us come back to 'deal box' once again. Here, you get the option to see the 'most discussed' products. Apart from it, you can see the 'most picked' and 'most kicked' options which help you to know the opinion of other buyers in better and easier manner.


Apart from all this, here you have the option for blogging, chatting, viewing videos about the products, and many more. You can solve your queries from the 'Q & A' section. Shopcorn offers the products of several categories such as electronics, entertainments, gift times, household products and many others. Moreover, hotel deals, travel, financial 'know-how' etc., are also the part of this site. Now this portal has started railways reservation and flight reservation (coming soon) facility also. You need not to remember a bulk of websites now. You can accomplish many of your tasks at shopcorn.


The products on this site are really those which a present day buyer desires. New Philips LCD TV. mobile phones of various brands, and many others can be seen on the site. The electronic products come with latest and high-end technology which meets the requirement of a modern man. I really hope that this website will get the widespread popularity across the country. So, from next time, don't worry, if you have no time to go out for shopping. You can convert your 'computer' into a 'shopping mall'.