Thursday, February 16, 2012

Education System of India – Subject of Mammoth Deliberation

Education system is a subject to debate from ages. After independence, a lot of amendments have been made in order to make the system better. But, who knows whether the system is becoming better, or it is declining in some aspects. Some time ago, grading system was introduced up to X standard instead of marks. The logic behind this was given that it is in order to reduce the burden of the students. The suicides of some children are taken for the instance of burden. The idea of decreasing the load is OK, but is it a right way to accomplish the purpose?

Well, I do not make any conclusions as it requires a lot of homework. But, still there are pros and cons of the system which are needed to be considered. Many argue that the tensions of the students have been eliminated up to a great extent. But, there is one facet which is required to be considered. Now, there is no fear of getting failed, which may be considered as pro. But, if you think it in another way, you can see it as a con now. Some teachers argue that the standard of education has been declined now. Many students are not taking the education seriously as it used to be some years ago.

What should be done in order to maintain the standard of education and to keep the children burden-free simultaneously, it is the subject of great deliberation. At present, I feel it arduous to conclude whether the grading system is right or wrong. In one way, it is the easiest possible way for accomplishing the aforesaid task. But, keeping the sad incidences of suicides of children in mind, I would say that it may be satisfactory step at the initial level, but the educationists should not stop here. What should be done in order to compensate the cons of grading system, it should be thought on priority basis. Or, what can be the alternative system for maintaining the education as well as for keeping the children away from extra-burden; it should be planned carefully instead of sticking to the system which is going on for sake of convenience.