Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Auto Booth System on MG Road Metro Station in Gurgaon: The Perfect Option

In a post written before, I had told about the unavailability of the meter in Gurgaon due to which people have to pay arbitrary fares imposed by the auto drivers. But, there are some other options that are the perfect options. One of them is the booth system. Near MG Road metro station, you find a booth of Gurgaon police. Two queues can be found on the counters of the booth, among which one is of the auto drivers and other is off the passengers. You are required to tell the destination on the booth, where you need to go. A slip will be given to you by the police official (in civil dress) sitting inside the booth, with the cost and the name of driver. The driver will take you at your desired destination, and you are required to pay the amount printed on the slip. Sometimes, the amount remains very low as compared to the self-willed costs of the auto drivers. It really saves a lot of money of the people, especially of the newcomers who are unaware of the auto rates in Gurgaon.

Some people may ask if there are the other metro stations where this booth system is available. One auto driver once told me and my friends that there is also one near Huda City Center metro station, but I am not sure about it. You can check after reaching the station.