Friday, June 13, 2014

Modi Government Has Come, Let’s Wait and Watch

Finally, India has got a new PM. It is Narendra Damodardas Modi, popularly known as Narendra Modi. This is why BJP and allies (NDA) has got 336 seats, which is really first time in its history. It is required to see now what happens next. The people of India have a lot of hope from him. Perhaps, government of Dr. Manmohan Singh didn’t fulfill their expectations.

When  Singh became PM, the people were very hopeful for him. He is the same person, whose work is remembered as finance minister at the time of the government of Late P.V. Narsimha Rao. But, it is said that this time, Singh was completely under the control of family of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

But, this is not the topic of my blog post. I am only thinking about new government, and whatever I am thinking, I am writing in this post.

So, I was talking about the people’s hope from Narandra Modi, nicknamed as NaMo. It remembers us the stories, which we used to see long time ago in the television that suddenly a good king has come, and now there is greenery all around; there are the waterfalls, which are the symbols of happiness. I pray to my Eeswhar for good of my nation. I have read a lot in the last few months about Narendara Modi on Facebook, and observing the people’s hope from him. I have kept a silent approach towards it till date. But today, I also hope for some good.

I have heard a lot about his development work that he has done as a chief minister of his state, Gujarat. Of course, opposition has criticized it, but there are the people from whom, I have personally heard about the good condition of Gujarat. So, hope is quite obvious. It is also true that he won the elections in Gujarat thrice with the support of common public.

But, what happens next is still to watch. Only around one month has gone, but Mr. Modi has started facing the criticisms. The major reason is the daily power cut of electricity and many more.  But, still I would like to wait. It is very difficult to improve the condition within a month. Let’s wait and watch.